Privacy Policy

This privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) applies to (“Site”) and explains how we collect, use, and disclose the information we collect from you via the Site. … Read More

Worldlink Promise
The Worldlink Promise

In a world where technology partners are constantly vying for your company’s business, it can be hard to sort the contenders – from the pretenders. We … Read More

Grocery 2019

Revolutionizing Grocery As a grocery store operator, you’re not only fighting for market share with your neighborhood competitors, but also with internet delivery services. Get your … Read More

Restaurant – 2019

Revolutionizing Restaurants As a restaurant operator, you are not only fighting for market share with competitors in your own segment, but also with those from other … Read More

Retail – 2019

Revolutionizing Retail As a retailer, you are not only fighting for market share with traditional brick-and mortar competitors, but also against the ever-growing e-commerce industry. Get … Read More

Retail Innovation
Innovating The Retail Experience

Ever since the CES and NRF conferences, innovations in retail technology have been making the news seemingly everywhere we look. From Twitter to television, entrepreneurs, investors, … Read More

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