Project Overview

  • Case Study: Backup Pin Pad and Network Configuration
  • Technology: HyperCom Pin Pad, NCR POS, Ishida Scale
  • Market: Retail- Specialty
  • Project Duration: 9 Days
  • Number of Locations: 283

Customer Challenge

A large specialty retailer was faced with the task of implementing a back-up process to the Credit Authorization in their store locations. This was achieved by installing a HyperCom Pin Pad at the POS station in every store. In addition, a subset of 66 stores also required an IP address change on all network devices to comply with a new WAN configuration. They turned to Worldlink, with their reputation for handling large, high focus projects in a short time frame, as their IT deployment partner to install the pin pad and make the networking changes.

Worldlink Solution

  • utilized Just-in-Time delivery system
  • equipment installation, testing, and turn-up