Different industries require different solutions. Worldlink’s industry-specific experts actively listen and apply our advantages to your real needs.


As a retailer, you are not only fighting for market share with traditional brick-and mortar competitors, but also against the ever-growing e-commerce industry. Providing a seamless, omnichannel presence between your physical stores and digital footprint is more important than ever because customers are increasingly looking for unique and personalized shopping experiences.

Beacons, traffic counters, and loyalty programs help to provide relevant, real-time information to customers and retailers alike, and can help to reduce wait times at checkout. Mobile POS systems help to speed up the painful checkout processes of the past. These systems are supported by wireless networks within the store, which can also be used to provide customers with WiFi access to further engage with your brand and improve the in-store experience.

Just as with styles and trends, technology is always changing. Staying relevant with your customers and rising above the competition requires you to be on the cutting edge of the next big thing. At Worldlink, we are your partners for integrated retail technology solutions.

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As a restaurant operator, you are not only fighting for market share with competitors in your own segment, but also with those from other segments. The lines between restaurant types are becoming increasingly blurry. Quick-service restaurants are providing healthier options and higher quality ingredients to compete with fast-casual (who are doing much of the same to compete with classic casual dining establishments). These factors have increased a need to create unforgettable dining experiences, regardless of your type of restaurant.

Tabletop kiosks and standalone kiosks allow patrons to request additional menu items and pay at their table, while also providing greater customer control and meal customization. They also can create improved turnover rates and can aid in staffing.

In addition to fierce competition, restaurants are also battling increasing regulations, including menu labeling, dietary guidelines, and data security. Digital signage and menu boards allow for greater communication and transparency for patrons, while new POS technologies can aid in PCI Compliance.

Any way you slice it, your customers expect more from today’s dining experiences. Staying relevant with your customers and rising above the competition requires you to be on the cutting edge of the next big thing. At Worldlink, we know that incorporating integrated restaurant technology solutions is a definite recipe for success.

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As a grocery store operator, you’re not only fighting for market share with your neighborhood competitors, but also with internet delivery services. Increasingly, consumers are asking, why leave the house when I can buy my groceries with the click of a mouse? It’s up to local grocers to battle back by creating stellar shopping experiences in their brick-and-mortar stores.

Technology can provide tremendous value and convenience to the in-store shopping experience. Self-checkout kiosks allow customers to get in and out of stores quicker and more efficiently. Other kiosks offer services like health assessment, movie rentals, and gift card purchasing, which can turn your store into a one-stop-shop. Improved store navigation through the use of apps and tablets create a more personalized customer experience, and digital signage can offer customers deals and information.

Loyal customers are the key to success, and technology will help to feed that loyalty and keep your customers hungry to return. At Worldlink, we are your partners for integrated grocery store technology solutions.

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In order to remain competitive, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Value-Added Resellers (VARs) must continually look for ways to provide an improved customer experience, streamlined employee communications, and increased efficiency, while positively impacting the company’s bottom line. That’s why there’s never been a better time for technology solutions.

Advances in both software and hardware have made integrated solutions more accessible, desirable, and necessary. At Worldlink, we implement cutting-edge systems and technologies to help our OEM and VAR clients achieve these goals and more.

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Between regulatory issues and fierce competition, financial institutions are increasingly understanding the importance of leveraging the latest integrated technology solutions. It’s imperative for financial institutions to maintain transparency and effective communication between management and staff, as well as with their clients. In-branch digital signage and mobile apps allow for banks to accomplish this with ease, while also providing entertainment and information to clients waiting to be assisted.

With the increased need to remain PCI compliant and protect client data, network security has become a primary concern for everyone in the financial services industries. Whether creating an improved customer experience or protecting their data, technology is a sound investment for financial institutions. At Worldlink, we arm financial institutions with the best in integrated technology solutions.

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The needs of educational institutions are quickly evolving. While classrooms may still invoke visions of textbooks, chalkboards, and notebooks in some peoples' minds, many classic classroom necessities are being replaced by new technologies and devices.

Digital whiteboards, handheld devices, and computers are replacing the relics of the past, creating a more efficient and effective learning environment. Campus-wide communication has increased through digital signage, kiosks, and apps. Of course, none of this could be possible without a stable network and plenty of bandwidth, which means a larger and faster network is a necessity.

Schools need to embrace the benefits of technology quickly, or they risk falling behind. At Worldlink, we offer a full-range of integrated technology solutions for educational institutions, so you can continue focusing on today’s lesson.

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Doctor’s offices and hospitals have been leveraging medical technology for years to keep people healthy, but consumers are continually expecting more from their healthcare experiences. Keeping patients happy (as well as healthy) has become an important goal for doctors and administrators. New technologies are making it easier than ever.

Medical establishments can often be mazes, making it easy to get lost, but technology is quickly changing that. Digital signage can aid in communication throughout the facility, as well as providing services that help patients get where they need to be. Patient information kiosks and digital concierges allow them to access their health records, as well as sign-in or check-in. Wireless networks in waiting rooms help patients pass the time between their arrival and being seen by the doctor.

You keep your patients healthy, but Worldlink’s integrated healthcare technology solutions keep them happy.

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