Modern security solutions for today’s loss prevention challenges.

Security systems protect businesses by reducing or preventing losses due to vandalism, theft, and unfounded liability claims. Employing the latest security technologies can help to protect you against employee theft, shoplifting, and other forms of inventory shrinkage.

Loss Prevention teams may use combinations of IP camera systems, motion sensors, and RFID and Sensormatic tags to help combat break-ins and the loss of inventory. If you’re questioning whether you’re doing enough to protect your business assets, it’s time to explore your security system options with the team at Worldlink. Current trends include:

  • Embedded RFID technology
  • Sensors
  • IP and cloud managed digital solutions
  • Reduction in employee theft through POS protocols and efficient inventory management


What we can do for you:

Project Management– Engaging a single point-of-contact to help you interface with all required parties and determine the project requirements (such as scope and schedule).

Staging & System Integration– Coordinating the acquisition of required hardware, management of inventory, and integration of software loads, as required.

Logistics Management– Providing just in time delivery to each location to minimize the impact on your business.

Site Survey– Conducting pre-installation site surveys to determine available power, connectivity requirements (wired, wireless), and environment factors (available space, access issues).

Cabling Infrastructure– Facilitating the installation of all required power, data, and video cabling.

Equipment Installation– Installation of DVRs, security cameras, and PCs.

Test and Turn-up– Working closely with client and content provider to confirm required connectivity and operability.

Maintenance– Providing post-installation maintenance of hardware and cabling, including reactive services, preventative maintenance, SLA, and parts depot.