Selecting the right equipment and having it installed effectively is extremely important to any project. It is equally important to maintain that equipment and ensure that any failures do not result in a negative impact to your customers, employees, or bottom line. Worldlink’s maintenance and break-fix services help to reduce that risk and keep your business running smoothly.

Service Level Agreements (SLA)
  • Support your ongoing IT maintenance service requirements via an agreed upon SLA basis
  • Work to meet your requested response time and provide associated pricing
  • Annual, monthly or per request agreements dependent upon your needs
  • Submit your requests into our web-based service portal or other agreed upon platforms
Preventative Maintenance (PM)
  • Provide system maintenance services to extend the life of your equipment
  • Reduce reactive service requests which can result in increased service costs
  • Reduce equipment failures which may result in a negative impact to your business


As technology is ever changing, so are the needs for your business. By partnering with Worldlink for your move/add/change needs, you can ensure that the needs of your customers and employees are always being met.

Move/Add/Change (MAC)
  • Visit the required locations on a pre-scheduled basis to perform requested services
  • Complete services on an agreed upon fixed price rate or on a time and materials basis
  • Enter your requests into our web-based service portal or other agreed upon platforms

Depot Maintenance

At times, it is not possible to wait for the procurement of a new part or entire piece of equipment. Critical aspects of your business need to be maintained as smoothly as possible, and as such, it is often more efficient to hold additional inventory in a centralized location. Worldlink provides depot maintenance services to ensure that equipment failure has minimal impact to your business.

Asset Disposition

Worldlink offers a suite of IT system disposal services making us a single-source-provider to install, maintain, and properly dispose of the retired electronic devices for our customers. We help to maximize the financial value of your retired electronic assets through our extensive remarketing channels, while exceeding strict environmental standards when recycling technology that no longer has market value. Utilizing state-of-the-art facilities, processes, and technology, we streamline the internal and external logistics of a technology refresh, helping our clients manage their assets on an ongoing basis and assist in proper equipment disposal.

Security and support to ensure long-term success.

Maintaining your security and efficiency requires ongoing support. Implemented solutions require regular maintenance. Old equipment needs to be proactively retired. Business growth prompts new needs. At Worldlink, we offer a full-suite of support services designed to keep your business operating at its fullest potential.

Unfortunately, technology concerns don’t end once the solutions are deployed.
Your organization’s IT systems must be continually monitored to keep up with the latest threats. Security patches, software updates, and continued education are essential for ensuring your business is protected. At Worldlink, our maintenance experts partner with you to address your ever-changing IT needs.

Remote Support

Our remote support software enables our engineers to quickly and efficiently provide remote support to your staff. These web-based tools give our support engineers the ability to access user desktops, laptops, and mobile devices in real-time. It ensures rapid response and efficient issue resolution for the end-users we support.