Project Overview

  • Technology:  Broadband Connectivity, Backup/Failover
  • Market:  Retail
  • Project Duration:  1 Month
  • Number of Locations:  400+

Customer Challenge

A mall-based specialty retailer needed assistance in confirming that Connectivity Failover was in place and operating correctly in all store locations.

Worldlink Solution

Worldlink surveyed hundreds of locations in just two weeks across the US and Canada. We resolved all connectivity backup issues within a single month, allowing for the retail IT leadership team to demonstrate to the retail store operations team that every store had a backup in place. This ensures the retailer would be adequately prepared for the upcoming holiday season with 24/7 connectivity.

Worldlink is able to work directly with connectivity providers to manage survey and solution quickly and in the most cost effective manner. With everything that is riding on connectivity to your locations heading into the 2017 holiday season, can you confirm you have this coverage?