Project Overview

  • Case Study: POS CPU & Monitor Upgrade
  • Technology: Point of Sale System
  • Market: Retail- Specialty
  • Project Duration: 5 Months
  • Number of Locations: 48

Customer Challenge

Leading specialty retailer was looking to upgrade POS devices at a number of their locations, and only had a limited quantity of upgraded devices available. They required a partner with the ability to de-install the legacy devices and replace them with upgraded equipment. De-installed devices were to be cleaned, system checked and upgraded, then sent out to the additional stores for installation in a cyclical process until all locations were upgraded.

Worldlink Solution

  • staging, shipping, and configuration
  • utilized Just-in-Time delivery system
  • utilized online service portal for troubleshooting and checkout
  • inventory management of all equipment
  • equipment staging and kitting
  • de-installation of existing equipment
  • equipment installation, testing, and turn-up
  • provided post installation maintenance