Project Overview

  • Case Study: POS Scanner Upgrade
  • Technology: Honeywell 2D Scanner
  • Market: Retail- Specialty
  • Project Duration: 8 Days
  • Number of Locations: 311

Customer Challenge

A recently acquired specialty retailer was faced with the challenge of replacing all POS scanners chain-wide to support the new parent company’s loyalty program. There was limited time to complete the upgrade in anticipation of an upcoming promotional campaign.

Worldlink Solution

  • utilized Just-In-Time delivery system
  • inventory management of all equipment
  • equipment installation, testing, and turn-up
  • de-installation and disposition of existing equipment

Customer Testimonial

“We don’t have the resources to facilitate and manage a deployment like this on our own in such a short time frame. There is no way that we could have pulled this off without you guys.” M.M.- IT Technical Director