Project Overview

  • Case Study: Printer Refresh
  • Technology: Multifunction Laser Printers
  • Market: Retail-Sporting Goods
  • Project Duration: 3 Weeks
  • Number of Locations: 400

Customer Challenge

One of the largest sporting good retailers was in need of making an upgrade to their back office printer.  This upgrade would allow the retailer to monitor toner, usage, and ordering habits.  In addition, the retailer was faced with the pre-holiday crunch and did not want to burden IT support staff.  Therefore, they needed a partner with extensive project management experience to facilitate and coordinate efforts with Printer OEM, IT, Operations, Leasing Company and Logistics Partners.

Worldlink Solution

  • inventory management of all equipment
  • schedule creation and coordination with Printer OEM
  • utilized OEM certified work force
  • utilized Just-In-Time delivery system
  • printer replacement and testing
  • remote help desk configuration and addition to retailer corporate network via VPN
  • addition of printer to OEM monitoring software
  • prep for old device shipping and return
  • managed logistics from pick up to return to leasing company

Customer Testimonial

“Thank you for all of your help. Everyone had to hustle to get this done and we got it done. Our stores are very happy… I appreciate it; it was great!”  T.M. – Senior Manager of Solutions Support