Case Study

Worldlink Performs Wireless Site Assessments for National Pet Retailer


150 Network Redesigns

450 Additional Cables Run

1200 Access Point Installations

150 Live Maps Created

The Client

National Pet Retailer

With stores located throughout the U.S., this pet retailer sells pet-related products, services, and certain types of animals. Founded in 1965 as a veterinary supplies business, the retailer has expanded its reach to pet-owners. With over 1,500 locations, this pet company is one of the largest animal-based retailers in North America.

An Expanding Paw Print

Originally based in California, this specialty retailer provided mail-order products for veterinarians. The store acquired two pet supply chains tripling its "paw" print after 15 years of successful business ventures. In the 20 years after that, it added grooming and training services along with its many products.

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Still headquartered in California, this brand emphasizes the importance of providing pets with a happy and healthy life. They focus on purpose-driven performance while delivering comprehensive wellness solutions through their products and services. For more than 55 years, they've built a strong foundation for positive societal impact.

The Engagement

The client hired Worldlink Integration Group in 2002. Over the last 20 years, Worldlink Integration has helped them:

  • icon-storeBuild out processes for new store openings
  • icon-reduceDowntimeSupport stores from a break-fix perspective to reduce downtime
  • icon-bridgeGapBridge the gap between the stores’ IT, construction, store ops and management teams
  • icon-securityBuild out the new headquarters campus and distribution center, including cabling, security cameras and network infrastructure
  • icon-manageManage new store build-outs, remodels and relocations
  • icon-accessPointMake necessary technology improvements through upgrades, refreshes and new implementations of store and network systems
  • Ongoing Services Include:

    • Equipment Upgrades
    • POS
    • Network & Hardware Upgrades
    • Wireless Access Points
    • Printer Upgrades & Installs
    • Phone Systems
    • Cabling and Network Infrastructure
woman making contactless payment after retailer used wireless site assessment to fix connectivity issues during the pandemic

The Post-Pandemic Challenge

Shortly after the world finished celebrating 2020’s new year, businesses everywhere closed their doors to the public. Telecommunications quickly became an essential service. Along with the new decade came the gravity of wireless connectivity. Without it, most businesses will have trouble attracting the modern customer. The world thus embraced a new realm of wireless trends.

To stay afloat, businesses knew they must adapt. This meant meeting new customer needs proving to be permanent. Consumers discovered a new convenience in shopping habits and preferred them over the old. Now, more than a year later, businesses are finding issues with the newly acquired tech such as the case with this pet retailer. Many of the problems relate to the need for wireless assessments regarding the level of wireless connectivity.

The Wireless Solution to Connectivity Levels

woman checking out using wireless pos


3 Year Project, 135 Stores

In 2018, Worldlink began working with the retailer for a network remediation. The retailer desired changing solution providers in approximately 150 stores. With a new solution, Worldlink installed new wireless network infrastructures in each location.

Before COVID-19, Worldlink performed passive wireless assessments to gauge a better understanding of wireless best practices pertaining to a specific store. Engineers then performed the predictive surveys before building the new infrastructure to confirm adequate coverage.

little girl with fish at pet store

Site-by-Site Passive Assessments

4 month project, 15 stores

Passive wireless assessments serve as additional means to check wireless connectivity. After the pet retailer met modern customer needs and acquired new tech during the pandemic, other stores met connectivity issues.

Worldlink thus performed pre-passive and post-passive wireless assessments on a site-by-site basis. This consisted of improving the existing network by following an uploaded floor plan while simultaneously using software to capture and record data pertaining to the business’s wireless network.

family at pet store with dog

Future-Proofed Tech

4 Year Ongoing Project, 150 stores

Predictive and passive wireless site assessments occurred over a four year period and still occur as necessary today. After successfully completing 135 network redesigns with predictive and passive assessments, another 15 store pilot was completed in an effort to facilitate the changes necessitated by COVID-19. There, Worldlink developed succinct plans on the best way to proceed for the remaining sites where pre-passive and post-passive wireless assessments took place.

As part of 150 network redesigns, an additional 450 cables were run throughout the stores. The wireless assessments facilitated 1200 access point installations with 150 live maps created.

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Subject Matter Experts

Progressive Wireless Designs & Mist Resellers

Worldlink Integration Group not only serves as the leading on-site technology provider for mid-size chain retailers, but as a subject matter expert in all wireless connectivity services.

Worldlink can make expert recommendations in partnership with Mist resellers on modern technology services including built-in bluetooth capabilities for smart AP signals. As the world continues to open, so do the opportunities for advancing your wireless technology.

The Results

Worldlink completed the pilot project within four months, allowing the pet brand to avoid slippage and maintain sales during the assessments.


Thanks again so much to you and your teams, for being professional and picking these up so quickly and hammering them all out despite some of the hurdles we faced. I enjoyed their partnership.

— Omni Services Program Manager


  • icon-white-mobileAccess points and mobile devices allowed store personnel to get out from behind the cash register more frequently and interact with consumers on the sales floor.
  • icon-white-openEliminating areas of weaker coverage allowed staff to complete tasks such as scanning inventory and answering phones.
  • icon-white-storePurchaseBetter connectivity reach helped consumers utilize curbside pickup, leading to higher sales and customer retention.
  • icon-white-kioskContinuous connectivity allowed the retailer to increase shopper engagement and drive sales with wireless kiosks.

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