Case Study

Worldlink Installs Top Wireless Services to Veterans During Pandemic


513 Access Points

12 Large Buildings


Test Regularly Administered

513 CAT
6 Cables

Campus Infrastructure

Set Up

Assembled Daily

The Client


The veterans facility serves to provide continuous care toward veterans and their spouses. Operating for over a century, they enhance quality of life by focusing on personal care and individualized services. With hundreds of veterans in care and spanning almost 200 acres, they are one of the largest state veterans facilities in the nation.

Professional Healthcare

The veterans home provides professional healthcare for its aging population. Their healthcare services include social work services, substance abuse counseling, psychiatry and psychology, physical and occupational therapy, and audiology and speech therapy. Patients have access to doctors 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

hospital bed icon
Originally, government officials proposed the campus be used for disabled Civil War veterans. Now, its campus holds a total of 12 buildings consisting of approximately 800 beds available for those who served.

The Engagement

A large, international VAR and Worldlink started working together in support of the VAR’s client base in 2006. The VAR engaged with the state to provide a large infrastructure refresh, inclusive of the veterans facility. Beyond this project and over the last 15 years, Worldlink Integration has helped them:

  • icon-storeReplace/Maintain the infrastructure in thousands of locations
  • icon-reduceDowntimeSupport remote locations from a break-fix perspective to reduce downtime
  • icon-bridgeGapBridge the gap between companies’ IT, Operations, Construction, and Real Estate Teams
  • icon-securityBuild out new large corporate locations including cabling, security cameras, and network infrastructure
  • icon-manageProvide full, turn-key solutions, beyond the sale of the hardware
  • location on mapFocus on  the overall account needs of their clients, while Worldlink takes great care of the locations needs onsite
  • Ongoing Services Include:

    • Equipment Upgrades
    • POS
    • Network & Hardware Upgrades
    • Wireless Access Points
    • Kiosk Upgrades & Installs
    • Mobile POS
    • Phone Systems
    • Cabling and Network Infrastructure
veteran and spouse sitting at table

The Challenge

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, aging patients could not see visiting friends and family for risk of exposure to the virus.

As methods of video conferencing increased across the globe, many patients still had issues connecting with loved ones online. The veterans facility is located in a rural town making wireless connectivity difficult across the campus. Furthermore, immobile residents risked their safety to make their way to workstations to plug into the network.

In addition to patients, staff encountered issues with effectively managing the network to troubleshoot issues and provide continual connection.

The Solution

campus of veterans home

AP and Cabling Installation

4 month project, 12 Large Buildings

Beginning in December 2020, Worldlink started its project of installing and testing 513 CAT 6 cables and access points spread across 12 large campus buildings.

These access points were critical components to providing wireless internet access to its residents. Due to the pandemic, veterans and their spouses needed continuous wifi to stay connected to the outside world and the ability to utilize videoconferencing technology.

worldlink team wearing hazmat suits during covid installation

Coronavirus Safety

Working on At-Risk Sites

During the project deployment, the Worldlink team took a variety of precautionary steps due to patients' risk of exposure. Much of the team were required to wear full protective suits while installation occurred. Tests were administered regularly to maintain a safe environment to all residents.

In addition, parts of the project took place in units that required critical care. The Worldlink team set up and took down their workspace daily to not only comply with all pandemic protocols, but also the protocols of the unit.

worldlink team being escorted to building installation

Clearance by Local Partner

Worldlink Granted Special Access

With many COVID-19 restrictions in place, Worldlink engaged with a local, certified partner that had experience working on this campus. They provided the necessary licenses and permits needed to enter at-risk facilities to conduct cabling and hardware installations.

Team members were escorted in every campus building during installation to further ensure the safety of patients and their families.

The Results

Worldlink completed this project within four months allowing for the residents to experience wireless connectivity during a troubling time.


“Working with partners can be tricky on large projects, specifically when many different groups are involved.  For this project, everyone communicated well and in doing so allowed each group to focus on their areas of responsibility to reach the shared project goals successfully.”

— Project Manager


  • icon-white-peopleAccess points allowed veterans and their families to communicate via video conference helping the facility to meet their mission's objective better.
  • white-wheelchair-iconA top-class wireless infrastructure upgrade allowed residents with mobility issues to safely access connectivity from where they needed it.
  • icon-white-network Staff in the facility better can better manage the network to troubleshoot issues and provide continual connection across campus.
  • icon-white-medalThis project enhanced the multitude of services the facility offers its patients allowing them to better serve those who served.

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