Case Study

Worldlink Installs Interactive Kiosks for Award-Winning Movie


50 Site Survey Visits

50 Just-in-Time Deliveries

50 Equipment Installations

50 Kiosk Maintenance

The Client

Entertainment Company

The client is an adverising agency that focuses on the entertainment industry. They serve as experts that create, adapt and print any campaign or message to virtually any consumer-reaching media. Furthermore, they differentiate themselves by combining creative and production capabilities.

A Major Movie Motion Picture

The Dark Knight Rises was a major movie motion picture that premiered across the globe. In North America at the time, it received the second-highest midnight gross at $30.6 million behind Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows - Part 2. In addition, it set an IMAX mightnight-gross record at $2.3 million at the time.

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Located in Burbank California, the client prides itself on their around-the-clock efforts, dedicated security for embargoed projects, versatile shrouding systems, and ability to act as partners throughout every stage of the project.

The Engagement

The client hired Worldlink Integration Group in 2012 to deploy the project over a two month period:

  • icon-storeBuild out processes for all installation efforts
  • icon-reduceDowntimeSupport locations from a break-fix perspective to reduce downtime
  • icon-bridgeGapBridge the gap between the theaters, advertising client, and marketing efforts
  • icon-accessPointMake necessary changes during the site surveys to establish better connectivity
  • Ongoing Services Include:

    • Kiosk and Installation Services
    • Break/Fix Services
    • Logistic Management
    • Site Surveys
interactive kiosk for the dark knight rises movie

The Interactive Kiosk Challenge

The entertainment industry graphic design company needed to rapidly deploy interactive kiosks fitted with elaborate corrugate structures in 50 theater locations throughout the United States and Canada. Additionally, they needed a partner that could coordinate efficient installation and react to last-minute changes. 

Worldlink Integration Group acted as that partner with the goal of using the interactive kiosks to promote the movie jointly through the initial weeks of the movie premiere. Worldlink completed the project by conducting site survey visits, coordinating a just-in-time delivery system, installing all equipment, maintaining the technology, and de-installing the interactive kiosks.

How it Worked

Movie-goers would enter the kiosk and stand in front of a screen. They would then choose one of the main characters from the movie, either Batman, Bane, or Cat Woman. After picking a character, they recorded a video of themselves. The video software used artificial intelligence to scan a person's face so the video showed them wearing the character's mask and costume. Once the movie-goer was pleased with the video, they would enter their email address so the final recording could be emailed to them.

An Interactive Video Kiosk Solution

site surveys at cinema

Site Survey Visits

2 Month Project, 50 Cinemas

Before the release date, Worldlink conducted site surveys at each cinema. Once the theater indicated the specific location of where they wanted to place the interactive kiosk, Worldlink validated if it was environmentally sound. This included confirming that the area was both dark and quiet enough for the technology.

We tested different carrier signals to make sure that the technology deployed would be with the best site –specific carrier wireless card to make sure the SIM cards would work with that location’s router and result in excellent signal strength.

the dark knight on rooftop

Just-in-Time Delivery System

Within One Week

After performing site surveys, Worldlink managed the equipment delivery through a just-in-time delivery system. Due to the nature of the project, the interactive kiosks had a very strict deadline and set up instructions. Delivery and installation had to be prompt and concise to meet the movie premiere's deadline as well as not interfere with movie-goers.

Additionally, most third party logistics are met with complications. Worldlink thus managed the pickup from the manufacturer and provided a safe transport and delivery of the device within a week before the premiere.

installing technology

Equipment Installation

50 Interactive Kiosks, Within One Week

Before both the delivery and installation, Worldlink performed a pilot to mitigate any unforeseen issues. We set up the interactive kiosk and internally documented the setup instructions for all of our technicians to confirm the process was efficient and repeatable.

Shortly after delivery, the technicians used the documentation that included written instructions and photos a day before the movie was released. After set up, they tested the kiosk once more to determine the technology worked efficiently the week before the premiere.

bane from dark knight rises

Post Installation Maintenance

Proactive Technicians & De-Installation

In the weeks after the movie was released, movie-goers continued to engage with the interactive kiosk. Worldlink kept their technicians proactive to maintain the technology and troubleshoot any issue that occurred. Common maintenance included periodic cleaning and health checks to alleviate the chance of future problems.

At the end of the two month project, Worldlink uninstalled the interactive kiosks with the intention to possibly repurpose the equipment and materials for future use.

The Results

Worldlink completed the project within the two-month premiere window, allowing the advertising agency to better engage consumers with the award-winning film.


Thanks for adapting so well to all of the changes…you and the install team did a great job of handling all of the curve balls that we were throwing at you.

— E.H. Director


  • icon-white-mobilePilot allowed Worldlink to document set up and reduce
    unforeseen setup issues
  • icon-white-openAvoiding areas of weaker coverage allowed the interactive kiosk
    technology to run more efficiently
  • icon-white-storePurchaseProactive maintenance helped consumers continuously interact with the
    kiosk technology and engage with the film
  • icon-white-kioskDeinstallation and disposition of existing equipment allowed the materials
    to be repurposed for future use

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