how-to-prepare-for-technology-malfunctions-this-holiday-seasonWe can all agree that, whether we like it or not, technology malfunctions from time to time. As an IT professional for your retail locations, your ability to manage and mitigate this very real risk can make a major difference to the bottom line. 

Why Upgrading Your Break/Fix Technology Partner is Crucial

With 38% of shoppers planning to visit at least five different brick and mortar store locations for their holiday purchases, brands must do everything they can to earn customer loyalty. 

With store technology, any number of things can go wrong. To avoid mishaps like having your POS systems break down, having a dependable technology partner is crucial.  

It’s Time for an Upgrade

As Ken Morris recently put it during a conversation with RetailWire, “Over the years, retailers have created islands of automation that have created a support monster.” If you have a different contractor to call for every piece of technology in your stores, you are doing it wrong. 

Having to depend on multiple break/fix technology partners is stressful. Whether it’s their inexperience with the specific technology at your location or the unreliability that’s an unfortunate reality for many contractors – it’s no longer an effective solution to spread your IT support across multiple vendors. 

Instead, partner with a single, trusted organization to manage the support of ALL the technology you have. This will result in minimized downtime and a much more efficient feedback loop. Wouldn’t you want the peace of mind knowing that one call will solve your IT-related problems? 

Partnering with Worldlink for your Break/Fix Services

Worldlink can manage all your break/fix and maintenance needs while avoiding the confusion that’s associated with coordinating multiple vendors. We specialize in understanding your unique problems and composing the ideal team to come and address the issue – Without all the undue stress. We’ll be the one-stop-shop for all of your IT needs so that you can get back to focusing on meeting company goals while we take care of the hassles on the back end. 

No matter the technology, we’ve got the ability to mobilize support-experts quickly and efficiently, to solve your unique IT related problems.

To learn more about Worldlink’s maintenance and break/fix services, please contact us.