Project Overview

  • Technology: Network Cabling, Network Cameras, Cisco Routers
  • Market: Retail
  • Project Duration: 9 months
  • Number of locations: 30

Customer Challenge

A multi-site specialty retailer had a business initiative to deploy networked security cameras in their new stores.

Customer Goal

Improve in-store loss prevention process.

Project Needs

  • Installation of new CAT5 network cables from the network cabinet to each of the 5-6 camera locations
  • Installation of the cameras
  • Run configuration tests with the remote IT team

Worldlink’s Role in Facing the Challenge

The retailer relied on WorldLink Integration Group to perform the installation during the New Store opening cycle.

  • Consulted with client on camera locations for each store.
  • Installation of CAT5 cabling, cameras and network connections.
  • Coordination of configuration and testing with the client’s IT department.
  • Utilized online service portal for checkout and upload of client deliverables.