Lobbies are an ideal landscape for digital signage. It is the first thing visitors see when they walk through your doors and the last thing they see before leaving, so it’s crucial you make a lasting impression. Lobby signage gives businesses the opportunity to do just this, taking the once dull and static waiting room experience and turning it into something memorable and dynamic. Be it digital displays, interactive kiosks, or a combination of both, more businesses are employing digital signage solutions into the waiting room space – and reaping the benefits.

Industries Using Lobby Signage

Lobby signage is not limited to any specific industry; any business that has a message to share and a waiting area in which to share it in can take advantage of this technology. Restaurants can use lobby signage to greet incoming guests, hotels to serve as a virtual concierge, offices to display branded messaging and provide entertainment as patrons wait to be greeted, the list goes on and on. No matter the industry, digital signage is a powerful tool for sharing your message.

Ways To Use Lobby Signage

There are a number of ways businesses can use lobby signage. It’s important first to consider what it is you want to achieve through this technology. Setting specific goals will make choosing a signage type easier and influence the kind of content displayed. If your goal is to increase brand awareness, you could use a digital screen to showcase your company culture, display company data, facts, and statistics, link to your social media platforms, or highlight staff members. If your goal is to provide convenience such as wayfinding or information services to your customers, you might consider interactive digital signage or a self-service kiosk. Those who want to take interaction one step further can offer a QR code, which will allow visitors to engage with the content directly through their phones.

Benefits of Using Lobby Signage

There are numerous ways businesses can benefit from a successful digital signage strategy. Lobby signage can help streamline costs by giving businesses the ability to make more efficient use of staff and increase revenue by creating additional points-of-purchase capable of up-selling and cross-selling. But perhaps most notably, lobby signage can significantly improve the customer experience. It provides businesses an opportunity to engage customers in new and valuable ways and offers a more personalized overall experience. Through lobby signage, businesses begin creating a connection with their visitors the moment they walk through the door before they even shake a hand or say hello. It is this kind of exceptional customer service that leads to repeat business, a loyal brand following, and a successful company.

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