MyEyeDr embarked on its journey with a mission to redefine eye care and eye wear experiences. From its inception, the focus has been on helping patients lead their best lives by providing personalized eye care delivered by trusted local optometrists.

Nanji Chandrasekhar, the VP of Cloud Engineering and IT for MyEyeDr, shared the backstory of their collaboration with Worldlink, stating, “I got to know the Worldlink team when I worked at Aspen Dental, before taking on my role with MyEyeDr. When I came to MyEyeDr, we saw an opportunity, and I reached out to John Fecteau, CEO at Worldlink Integration Group, and they’ve done a lot of work for us since.”

However, a significant challenge lay ahead for MyEyeDr, revolving around their network configuration. Nanji explained, “We had 250 or so locations out of 850 that had an odd network configuration. We had links provided by one company. We had equipment installed and managed by another company. And we wanted to consolidate all of this and move to a single partner that could handle it all.”

The team at MyEyeDr didn’t want to merely swap out old equipment for new; they aimed to overhaul and streamline their network infrastructure. Nanji highlighted the opportunity for improvement, saying, “It was an opportunity to clean up the footprint if wiring, cabling, et cetera, was not up to spec standard.”


The problem MyEyeDr faced was twofold. First, their network configuration was disjointed, with various vendors and setups across their locations. Second, the challenge was not only to replace outdated equipment but also to revamp the infrastructure comprehensively. Nanji explained, “We didn’t want to just unplug old stuff, plug in new stuff, but still leave it as messy as it was.”

Each location presented a unique challenge. Nanji explained, “Some of the locations were an absolute mess in terms of what the Worldlink team walked into. Some of them were maybe in slightly better shape. Each one was a different project in and of itself.”

The complexity of the project was exacerbated by the diversity of MyEyeDr ‘s locations, ranging from retail strip malls to repurposed buildings, each requiring a tailored approach. Nanji emphasized, “You get absolutely every kind of variation, but you still have to go in, understand what needs to be done, understand when to conform to standards and where you have to depart from standards, and have some systematic communication on how and why.”

Additionally, MyEyeDr faced the constraint of running facilities that couldn’t be taken offline for extended periods. Nanji noted, “You can’t just take them offline for a week while you sort everything out. You get to go in once, quickly survey, come back, create an action plan, and based on that action plan, you have to go in as soon as the office closes and by the next morning everything’s got to be ship shape and running and tested and validated.”

The magnitude of the project was further underscored by the fact that MyEyeDr had 250 locations to address. The need for a streamlined, efficient solution was imperative.


Worldlink emerged as the key partner in MyEyeDr ‘s journey to tackle these challenges. Nanji highlighted the uniqueness of Worldlink’s approach, stating, “What’s different about Worldlink compared to our other partners—is…you never get a 37-page contract with clauses to get them off the hook. They try to write their contracts and keep it very simple to where, Hey, this is what you’re asking for. This is what we’ll do. This is what it’ll cost. Are you okay with it? Are there any other special needs? What can I do for you?”

Nanji praised Worldlink’s ability to adapt to MyEyeDr ‘s specific requirements and provide a hassle-free experience. He noted, “Worldlink knows how to accurately fill in the blanks, and then they get it done, and then they charge a reasonable fee for the work.”

Furthermore, Worldlink’s commitment to partnership was evident in their approach to problem-solving and their willingness to prioritize resolution over financial gain. Nanji explained, “They’ve never charged unreasonably for the work, even though in some cases they knew that we were under the gun.”


The collaboration between MyEyeDr and Worldlink yielded several positive outcomes, demonstrating the effectiveness of their partnership:

Efficient Ongoing Support

Worldlink’s continuous support allowed MyEyeDr to address routine tasks and urgent issues promptly, ensuring smooth day-to-day operations.

Nanji emphasized the importance of communication and understanding the client’s needs, saying, “Hearing and listening to what the customer needs, what they want, and being able to figure out how to make that happen. I mean, that’s what you want. Ultimately, you want someone that you can rely on, that you can call, you can quickly explain what you need without having to go through hours of requirements gathering, just a simple conversation.”

Competence and Client Satisfaction

MyEyeDr’s partnership with Worldlink not only resolved technical challenges but also conveyed competence and commitment to clients. This was crucial in the retail healthcare setting, where client satisfaction is paramount.

Accelerated Project Completion

The team at MyEyeDr had originally planned for the project to take all of 2023 to complete all 250 locations. After finishing a handful of locations, MyEyeDr and Worldlink identified opportunities to improve and speed up the process. “They started slow and then they said this is working—let’s pick up the pace. We kept picking up the pace until we were actually done in June, so in six months we finished what we thought would take the whole year to complete,” explained Nanji.

Cost Savings

The old infrastructure was costing the organization a great deal of money as they were essentially paying double the costs at each location. When the project was finished, it not only streamlined operations but also resulted in substantial cost savings (in the realm of seven-figures), contributing to the company’s bottom line. =

ROI and Business Growth

The project’s success demonstrated the value of investing in technology upgrades. It paved the way for future projects and ongoing business growth.

In summary, MyEyeDr’s partnership with Worldlink not only resolved a complex technical challenge but also showcased the power of effective communication, adaptability, and commitment in achieving successful outcomes. By addressing network configuration issues comprehensively, the collaboration led to substantial cost savings and positioned MyEyeDr for continued growth in the healthcare retail sector.

You can download a copy of the case study here.