Project Overview

  • Case Study: Pin Pad Installation and Price Checker Upgrade
  • Technology: Price Checker, Kiosk, Access Points, and Pin Pads
  • Market: Retail- Specialty
  • Project Duration: 4 months total with expedited install of pin pads at 250 stores in 7 days
  • Number of Locations: 440

Customer Challenge

A large sporting goods retailer needed help with the installation of new price checker devices, an upgrade to the existing in store kiosk, cabling, and relocation of one of two WAP’s. During the project they needed to add in the replacement of the stores’ credit card payment terminals to provide added security of their customers’ credit card data. To make sure the deadline was met, Worldlink performed work at a rate of 50 stores per day.

Worldlink Solution

•Utilized online service portal for troubleshooting and checkout
•Inventory management of all equipment
•Provided post installation maintenance
•Equipment installation, testing, and turn-up
•De-installation and disposition of existing equipment