We talk a lot of about innovation and technology.

It’s critical for us to always know the latest advancements in technology as we develop new ways to track and utilize data that will make your operations more efficient, while also enhancing the customer experience.

Our VP of Sales, Brett Busconi recently attended Home Delivery World in Atlanta to get a glimpse of all the new technologies about to hit the market, and to hear what the critical demands are from some of the largest retailers and grocery chains out there.

The show took place at Atlanta Convention Center at America’s Mart. Some of the stalwarts  in retail were there: Amazon, Walmart, Target, and FreshDirect to name a few. It was exciting to be together with industry experts and to share ideas about how retail can increase the customer experience through home delivery and installation.

“While many different ways to approach ‘The Last Mile’ were discussed, I believe that learning more about the entire process (from warehouse to the customer’s doorstep) made everyone participating more informed and better prepared to serve their customers,” said Busconi.

Technology plays a big part in this – but the theme here was similar to what we see everywhere – today is about the customer.  Tomorrow is about putting your brand, product, or service where the customer is going to need it to be.

Even Home Depot is shifting gears towards tech.   The company announced that it would add one thousand new jobs, with most of those jobs being filled in Atlanta, Dallas, and Austin.   While some of the jobs will be project management and network engineering, the other positions focus on user experience design and software.

There was something for everyone at the event, which featured more than 1,500 attendees that could choose from 350 sessions and 250 presentations.

We certainly digested a lot of incredible information at the show, but more importantly, we enjoyed networking with key decision-makers at some of the biggest retail and grocery chains in the country.

We love talking about innovation and developing technology solutions for businesses.  The show provided us with an opportunity to understand new businesses and the growing need for big data and IoT solutions.

If we missed an opportunity to talk at the show, please reach out to us by using our contact form.