Worldlink, Working Wardrobes, Working Wardrobes VetNet, VetNetOn Saturday March 25, 2017, Worldlink Integration Group took part in an awesome event. Worldlink’s new partner in the community, Working Wardrobes, was holding a “Walk In Their Shoes” fundraising event in support of their VetNet organization. It was attended by nearly 500 people with 42 teams represented. The Worldlink team was honored to be a sponsor of the event and to show our support with a team of 16 participating in the 5K walk.

We were surprised and blessed to have the Wounded Warriors National Softball team, as well as marines from Camp Pendleton, in attendance. They were of great help to the teams by guiding us all safely through the trails and, of course, they brought up the rear to make sure no one was left behind! Thanks, guys!

You can find Worldlink’s donation page at Worldlink Walks the Walk. A big thank you to those who have already donated and to those yet to do so. We are excited to be part of such a great cause and to introduce all of our families, friends and associates to be a part of it, too.

Worldlink, Working Wardrobes, Working Wardrobes VetNet, VetNet
Worldlink, Working Wardrobes, Working Wardrobes VetNet, VetNetA Little About VetNet

VetNet operates on several levels:

Veteran services: The training services for Veterans, available through the Working Wardrobes Career Success Network, include access to our job placement services. Our focus is on the transitioning Veteran or those at risk of becoming homeless as well as the reintegrating or recovering Veteran.

Corporate Education: We share the best practices available for Veteran recruiting, hiring and retention. Our goal is to provide the HR executive with a working knowledge of the Veteran Talent Pool. Aside from advanced life skills, they bring; leadership, loyalty, mission dedication, organizational skills and a work ethic typically far exceeding their civilian peers.Worldlink, Working Wardrobes, Working Wardrobes VetNet, VetNet

Why: The men and women who serve in our military have literally written a blank check to this country, payable with their lives. We have programs that provide for a better transition to the civilian workforce and ensure what they have been fighting for now serves them well. Even though our economy continues to sputter, there are jobs available and we must do our utmost to educate and train our Veterans to find jobs and be successful while encouraging potential employers to offer them opportunities.

Where: The services for our Veterans are available in the Irvine Career Success Institute. Staff and dedicated volunteers are trained in specific program enhancements to work effectively with the Veteran population. Additional job training models will become available as partners come on line.

How: Donor support: A membership organization to provide information and education to individual and corporate donors. These exciting events feature military leaders as speakers, and opportunities to meet Veterans, including those wounded while serving their country.

For more information about VetNet, click here or follow Working Wardrobes on Facebook!