The pressure is on for retailers to prepare for the first wave of the holiday shopping season to hit stores nationwide. Sales are no longer a one-day deal. Consumers are used to a multi-day conglomerate of discounts, promotions, and extended store hours. 

As a result of the continual growth and change seen by this annual event, it’s more important than ever for stores to take a real look at their technology infrastructure. They will want to leverage anything they can for Black Friday retail success. 

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How Technology Can Make or Break Your Black Friday Success

If you want to have a successful Black Friday – The first place you should look is success stories from other retailers to know what technology customers demand and what you can do to plan ahead. Worldlink Integration Group has worked with several large retail brands and we have our finger on the pulse of what is trending in the retail industry. As we see it, updating your technology is the key to winning over the modern-day customer.

Updating Outdated Technology

The challenges of keeping up with the current market, demands of a technology infrastructure that can quickly pivot and adjust to industry trends. Outdated technology can really hold your business back. 

Furthermore, customer experience will continue to be a big focus point during Black Friday and through the rest of the holiday season. Last year, retail companies deployed all sorts of innovations like experience-based shopping and beacon technology to make a lasting impression on their customers. Kohl’s and Amazon stood out to us as some of the most innovative approaches to technology to win both the customer experience and – most importantly – sales! 

Kohls: Blending Online & In-Store Experiences

Kohl’s went all-in on technology last year, and it showed. Updating their online shopping interface with investments like personalized search, Smart Cart and Your Price enhanced the customer experience, giving patrons a smoother purchase cycle and a closer connection with the brand. 

Why it Worked

Kohl’s personalization efforts have ensured that the company delivers products to its customers that meet their unique needs and shopping preferences, ultimately increasing their bottom line. Their dedication to innovation has kept them at the forefront of the industry.

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Amazon: Fulfilling the Modern Customer 

Amidst worker protests and other unforeseeable issues last year, Amazon was able to quickly pivot its technology strategies to make sure its customers still had access to quick shipping times and order fulfillment even during less-than-ideal situations. In fact, they were able to accommodate a 20% increase in sales without missing a step, thanks to a robust technology support team that immediately addressed any hiccups. 

How it Worked

Without field tech support tweaking their logistics software to reroute orders through warehouses that didn’t have protesters, orders would have been stuck at centers that didn’t have the capacity of handling such high volume. 

What IT Leaders Should Apply

From integrated POS systems that track inventory to implementing new order fulfillment processes (like BOPIS) which speed up delivery, there’s a lot that businesses can do to improve their technology infrastructure. Kohl’s and Amazon are just at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to technology infrastructure and innovation. 

Worldlink: Supporting IT Leaders 

As an IT leader, you’ve already got a lot on your plate. Factors like managing your staff and logistical planning can be extremely demanding of your time. Being proactive with your approach to Black Friday by finding a partner to service your technology goals can ensure minimal disruption to store operations and guarantee performance during peak times. 

Last year, Worldlink supported several large retailers by providing them with technology upgrades and onsite field tech support. This gave store owners the peace of mind knowing that their initiatives would be well taken care of.

Interested in working with Worldlink Integration Group to implement new technologies and safeguard yourself with our field tech support? Contact us to schedule your complimentary consultation today.