Project Overview

Healthcare Practice Management Company

•1000+ practices across U.S.


• Communication across the groups involved in technology projects
• Ownership and project management

Key Results:

• Accelerated project completion delivering both savings and opportunity for increased revenue
• Reallocation of internal resources to higher-valued organizational functions
• Low return rates delivering higher office productivity


This healthcare practice management company has an extensive network of more than one thousand practices nationwide. To support its numerous practices and protect the brand, the company prioritizes facilitating excellence and consistency in operations and patient care. Building solid relationships with the best vendors is a cornerstone of its continual success and profitability.

An IT implementation manager shared the history of the company’s collaboration with Worldlink, stating, “The relationship with Worldlink predates my tenure…they were the vendor of choice for project management work; they’d been doing it for years and had the work down pat.”

Due to the size of the company and the number of practices it serves, it has been necessary to outsource certain tasks and projects to third-party vendors. The company has worked with many vendors over the years. The implementation manager said they consistently experienced positive outcomes working with Worldlink, pointing to specific challenges Worldlink solved for them and the company’s exceptional communication and responsiveness.


The healthcare practice management company faced several challenges that were affecting its business. The issues started with communication and included response time.

“Communication is an ongoing issue, and it required the resources of at least two people on the team to handle it,” said the former manager. “Those hours can be put elsewhere within the company, and you can get much more done.”

Additionally, the company experienced ongoing difficulties working with other vendors that did not respond promptly to issues. There was too much back and forth between the company and its vendors, which wasted time and resources – particularly requiring work from the company’s staff to handle the drudgery of multiple emails and phone calls to resolve issues. This was a problem because the time should have been used for higher-value tasks.


The healthcare practice management company chose Worldlink on-site technology deployment, including 500 installations of additional ports and computer equipment to support 3D imaging and printing. This project’s goal was to ensure consistency across the offices within the company’s network.

Worldlink also performed switch repatching as an add-on for standard preventative maintenance tasks. The repatching was necessary to support the company’s new hardware being deployed.

In addition, Worldlink provided project management services that included end-to-end vendor communication. With empathy for the healthcare industry, Worldlink understood how technical issues impact the patient experience and ultimately the company’s revenue and these services helped elevate the company’s productivity.

While most technology deployment service providers will not tackle the communication piece, Worldlink took over contacting stores and claimed end-to-end ownership of the communication process. According to the IT implementation manager, the Worldlink team was always ready to start a project at a moment’s notice and able to react very quickly to keep a project moving.

“Worldlink’s communication and project management are the big value-adds of their services. It’s refreshing when you get to work with someone like Worldlink and have them work on your timeline and work hard to get what you need done when you need it done.”




The healthcare practice management company experienced several favorable outcomes due to their collaboration with Worldlink:

Time Savings and Increased Revenue

During the port and computer equipment installation project, Worldlink saved the company approximately three months off its initial project timeline. As a result of the quick project turnaround, the company could use the new 3D imaging and printing equipment earlier than expected, increasing revenue for those offices.

Reallocation of Crucial Resources

Worldlink’s work for the company had a quantifying value of one to two project managers. Before the partnership with Worldlink, the company would’ve had to use its own staff members to handle communications and address issues with vendors. However, with Worldlink performing those project management tasks, the company could reallocate those people to other higher-valued organizational functions.

Additionally, when Worldlink performed the switch repatching and preventative maintenance, they scheduled their techs to make office visits near closing time so they could test the work after hours. This resulted in less time for the office staff to stay after hours to support the tech upgrade.

Low Return Visit Rate

According to the former IT implementation manager, Worldlink got the job done right the first time, which meant increased office productivity, less office downtime, and less time required for return visits.

Worldlink’s collaboration with the healthcare practice management company resolved technology challenges and provided crucial communication and project management that the company had previously relied on internal staff to address. Through swift technology implementation and value-added services, this partnership showcased Worldlink’s commitment to seamless solutions and next-level client care, leading to significant time savings, increased efficiency, and the strategic reallocation of vital resources within the organization. Worldlink’s contribution positioned the healthcare practice management company for sustained operational excellence and growth.