When your company has an order to fulfill that requires multiple components, the process of gathering these materials, assembling them into a package, and sending them out is a process known as kitting. This process can offer significant advantages to companies, especially when outsourced. Here are some of the advantages worth noting:

Reduced cost of order fulfillment and shipping

Kitting is a process that is most cost-effective when it’s done in bulk. Outsourcing your kitting to a company that has a greater capacity for assembly will save you money on shipping; small amounts saved on packaging, labels, and freight costs can all add up quickly, leading to a significant overall savings. These are savings that can make a big difference in your company’s bottom line, or can be passed along to customers to encourage them to place larger bulk orders.

Reduction in space used to store merchandise

Kitting puts your inventory into neat, organized, and space-efficient packaging, meaning it will take up less room sitting in your warehouse or storage facility. If your workspace is limited, kitting your products will save you valuable square footage, as well as costs associated with storing merchandise such as electricity, temperature control, etc.

Improved packaging options

Kitting your products will give you better options for packaging; for each type of kit, you can create a standardized package that can be branded with your company name and logo, making your freight instantly recognizable and credible. Packaging will also end up being cheaper since you are purchasing in bulk.

Quality control & improved workflow

Standardizing the way your products are put together and shipped will ultimately lead to fewer mistakes when fulfilling orders. Creating a protocol and itemized list of parts for different kits that your company offers will help to ensure that nothing gets left out when an order is fulfilled. Once a protocol is established for different kit options, it becomes much faster and easier for an assembly team to put them together. In addition, outsourcing your kitting can provide the added benefit of allowing your team to focus on other important areas of business.

If your business needs assistance streamlining your merchandise for installation or shipping, Worldlink Integration Group is fully prepared to pull site specific equipment from your bulk inventory and kit it. Our expert team can help you reduce on-site time, cost, and risk by pre-assembling and repackaging your hardware and equipment. We adhere to the strictest quality control standards that are tailored to your individual business needs, helping you deliver your product with the consistency that your customers expect and deserve.

Has your business faced challenges when it comes to installing equipment with many different parts? We’re interested to hear what your struggles have been, and if you’ve found good solutions. Tell us your story in the comments below, or feel free to contact us!