IT Infrastructure

As a stakeholder, you are continually looking for ways to boost the customer experience, employee efficiency, and most importantly, your return on investment. Having the right IT infrastructure in place must be a cornerstone of your business strategy as your team looks to the future. But what does that mean exactly?

  • Nike is beginning to incorporate augmented reality into their sales cycle through a mobile app.
  • Foot Locker is hosting streaming parties for online gaming at their stores.
  • Walmart reveals its first “intelligent” lab store.

Working with experts in the field can help identify pain points in your current model, and create solutions to building a better tomorrow. Whether you’re looking for a full overhaul or just a professional opinion, here are three ways to partner with Worldlink on your next technology initiative:

New Locations

Are you starting your business from scratch or just expanding your well-established brand to a new location? Either way, we’ve got you covered. Worldlink can provide the deployment expertise to make sure your latest brick and mortar has exactly what you need to foster an environment of success. Our full suite of infrastructure solutions not only creates an atmosphere that attracts loyal customers, but also gives operators incredible opportunities to increase efficiency, improve convenience, and provide a seamless sales cycle from start to finish. We speak your language and make recommendations based on your best interests. In an IT world that’s known for poor performance, we’ve established a credible reputation of success with hundreds of partners just like you. From customer-facing technology like digital signage, kiosks, and POS systems to back end energy management, security, and wireless integration, Worldlink will get your new location well on its way.


Are you tired of dealing with legacy technology at your current location? Out of date systems not only make your job as a stakeholder more difficult, but they can also hurt your bottom line. Prioritizing a push to increase efficiency with an integrated system will help take your organization into the modern age. Today’s businesses have access to more innovative technology than ever before, so why not take advantage of it? The best part of partnering with Worldlink on your next project is that we’ll take your vision and turn into a reality. We provide a lifecycle of IT deployment services perfect for retrofitting your current setup – all without the headaches that typically arise from working with sub-par service providers. If you’re only looking for project management expertise – we do that too. Our professionals can help manage all of the moving parts that come with a technology overhaul so that you don’t have to.


Choosing and installing your equipment is one thing, but making sure it’s running correctly over time is an entirely different task. Where many deployment companies fall short is the lack of transparency and customer service after the initial setup. At Worldlink, client satisfaction is our top priority, and we are always available to service your existing IT infrastructure, whether we’re the ones who did the deployment or it was someone else. Maintaining your technology system is vital for ensuring failures do not result in a negative impact on your business. We’ll support your ongoing IT service requirements and ultimately cut down on the risk that every owner wants to avoid. Our quick response times, flexible service agreements, and accountable performance sets us apart from the rest of the pack.


If you think your business could use some of the services listed in this article, we encourage you to schedule a meeting with our team using the Calendly plug-in on the upper right corner of this page. We’ll reach out to discuss your unique technology goals so that we can begin crafting a solution that best fits your needs. If you’d like to read more of our thoughts on technology trends for brick and mortar locations, check out our blog here.