Food Industry Trends

The National Restaurant Association recently released a report that goes over some of the top food trends in the industry right now. Among them were topics like zero-waste cooking, hyper-local cuisine, and chef-driven fast-casual concepts. You can view the full list here. We couldn’t help but think of how the newest direction of the restaurant world could be applied to some of our prospective clients as well. Below, we’ve picked a couple of our favorite entries from the list and paired them with two of the top names in food service – Nathan’s Famousand Omaha Steaks

Nathan’s Famous

Known for their famous Frankfurter, Nathan’s Famous is an American icon that’s passed the test of time. Started by Polish immigrant Nathan Handwerker in 1916, this business may have begun in the USA, but unquestionably has international roots. One of the trends on the National Restaurant Association’s list that we identified as an excellent fit for this brand was the use of globally inspired flavors. The Nathan’s website has a great recipe section and is expanding it to include spices and ingredients from around the world, which could give customers a new adventure while using and showcasing the familiar flavor of their hotdogs as the centerpiece. It resonates with today’s buyers, especially after their 2018 rebranding effort that managed to pay homage to Nathan’s heritage while staying relevant with younger consumers. The new design included updated interiors, with new menu boards and POS counters to simplify the ordering process and help drive sales as well as the addition of charging stations, allowing guests to recharge as they fuel up. Broadening the flavor profile would further enhance their guest experience and provide more unique ways for their customers to eat Nathan’s Famous. This can only help their business moving forward. Yum!

Omaha Steaks

Another American giant in the food industry is Omaha Steaks. We thoroughly love their buttery ribeyes, and can’t tell you how excited we get when we receive one of their deliveries at our door. Billed as the original premier provider of quality hand-cut steaks and food gifts, we thought they would be a perfect fit for this next trend. According to the same National Restaurant Association list, new cuts of meat are making their way into the market. Americans are excited to branch out of their comfort zone, opting to try their hand at cooking some of the less familiar parts of the animal. It’s a natural fit for Omaha Steaks – Which has both the brand name and the supply chain to make diversification of offerings happen. Leveraging technologythey’ve already created an app that serves as a personal Butcher, matching customers with the best meats for their desired cooking needs after answering a series of questions. It even recommends wine pairings and advice on preparation, making it a personalized experience from beginning to end. We’re confident that items such as shoulder tender, oyster steak or Merlot cuts, coupled with their app, will be making a significant impact in 2019, and pose the perfect opportunity for Omaha Steaks to grow even more successful.

We are really looking forward to learning more about the top trends for restaurants in 2019 and will have a team attending the National Restaurant Show in Chicago. If you are also attending, and are looking for a technology partner who can provide exceptional value for your company, we’d love to meet up at the conference. Please fill out our form, and we’ll make sure to stop by your booth! Additionally, if you’d like to read more of our thoughts on technology trends for brick and mortar locations, check out our bloghere.