Project Overview

  • Case Study: Lab Networking
  • Technology: Network cabling, switches, and laser printers
  • Market: Healthcare
  • Project Duration: 60 Days
  • Number of Locations: 357

Customer Challenge

A multi-site healthcare provider was looking to deploy a networked printer into the dental lab at each of its clinics in order to streamline the process for developing dentures for its clients. New network cables had to be run from the clinic network closet through the finished suite, then into the lab in an aesthetically pleasing and safe manner. The client relied on its network partner, Worldlink, to adhere to a narrow off-hours schedule and to navigate the sensitive environment in the clinics to install and test the lab network drops.

Worldlink Solution

  • consult with client for best locations in each lab environment
  • install Cat5 cabling and network printers
  • coordinate scheduling between the client’s IT department, clinics, and techs
  • utilize online service portal for checkout and upload of client deliverables

Customer Testimonial

“Worldlink does a great job taking care of my IT deployment needs. Once I give them the scope of work and scheduling parameters, they take care of everything else in an accurate and timely manner. Most importantly, their project management process ensures that all communication is handled accordingly with their technicians, our remote sites, and of course with me and my team. Worldlink has proven they are a true partner and I feel that they are looking out for our best interests.” R.C.- Project Manager