Project Overview

  • Case Study: Network Uplift
  • Technology: Networking (Routers/Switches)
  • Market: Education
  • Project Duration: 2 Weeks
  • Number of Locations: 15 Campus Locations

Customer Challenge

A national university needed assistance in quickly upgrading the network infrastructure, with the specific area of need being Router(s) and Switch(es) coming out after closing and installing  new Router(s) and Switch(es) prior to the next day’s classes.   Technicians needed to have tools and skills to remotely assist Support Team in configuring/troubleshooting devices as needed to ensure successful uplift during time allotted for network to be down.

Worldlink Solution

  • de-installation and disposition of existing equipment
  • equipment installation, testing, and turn-up
  • onsite CCNA Network Technicians to assist with configuration of equipment

Customer Testimonial

“For the project, Worldlink was asked to step in and replace another vendor and did a fantastic job in a very short amount of on-boarding time.” L.R.- Senior Project Manager