It is vital that Retailers take precautions to protect their employees and customers from the COVID-19 Coronavirus – luckily, the precautions can be simple.


Everyone is adjusting to the effects of the COVID-19 coronavirus – Retailers have been no different.

With effects ranging from adjusted store hours to product stock limitations, retailers have needed to inform their customers of these changes relatively quickly.  

In addition, they have had to impart physical measures in an effort to protect the well being of both their customers and their employees.

Here are two simple steps retailers are currently taking to assist with the above-mentioned:

  1. Utilizing Clear and Simple Signage
  2. Installing Sneeze Guards

Doing these things has not only allowed them to protect everyone more effectively from the COVID-19 coronavirus, but has also helped retailers maintain healthy customer and associate relations.

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The other day, I went down to my local Target to pick up some much needed pandemic supplies. I noticed a sign on the sidewalk just before the store’s entrance that mentioned whether or not key items were in or out of stock, like toilet paper and hand sanitizer. 

Since I was there for more than just the items listed, I thought to myself, “Good to know. Now my shopping trip will be shorter because I can avoid those aisles, and now it also limits my exposure.” 

This Target trip is a good example of the effectiveness of clear and simple signage during these times.

In addition to this anecdotal example, I’ve included a few more signage ideas/examples and resources below to assist Retailers with creating an increased sense of security and comfort with customers visiting their stores:

Good COVID-19 Signage Examples

Another note to mention before moving on is that real-time, online updates on the company’s websites and social media profiles are equally as important as physical signage. 

Providing customers with multiple avenues of reaching COVID-19 related changes to a retailer’s operations keeps customers well informed and displays the retailer’s willingness to promote everyone’s safety. 

Here is a link with suggestions on managing a retailer’s online presence during these times.    

Sneeze Guards

As stated earlier, retailers have provided physical measures in order to lessen exposure to the coronavirus. One of those measures is a barrier placed at a cashier’s counter to limit direct exposure between the employee and the customer. These barriers are called sneeze guards.   

Typically, these are installed at buffets or other self-serve food locations; however, due to the recent events, retailers have needed to include these barriers in their landscape to provide the same level of protection.

Any reduction to the exposure of germs between employees and customers is of the utmost importance so installing sneeze guards in retail stores is a viable option.  

For retailers who haven’t installed these in their stores just yet, there are various sneeze guard options available to assist retailers with differing budgets.


There are many technological innovations and solutions available to Retailers to protect their employees and their customers from COVID-19. Interested in learning more? Contact Brett Busconi at or (949) 861-2830 x227.