Project Overview

  • Technology: POS
  • Market: Specialty Retail
  • Project Duration: 2 weeks (annually)
  • Number of locations: ~20

Customer Challenge

A large retailer of sporting goods required assistance in adding an additional register to roughly 20 stores on an annual basis. The register was to be added in anticipation of the busy holiday season, and was also a way to push higher customer throughput throughout the year as the registers were installed permanently. This allowed for more efficient transaction volume with all costs associated with the holiday budget.

Worldlink Solution

Worldlink performed the store-specific staging and configuration of each register and managed all shipments from our staging center to the stores. Utilizing just-in-time delivery, we coordinated tech visits upon arrival of the registers so they could be installed efficiently prior to store opening. In some cases, an additional cat5e cable needed to be run which we performed in addition to the installation of the register. With minimal impact to the stores, Worldlink was able to assist in increasing register count, which allowed for higher transaction volume and an improved overall customer experience. 

Worldlink is able to work directly with your business and hardware partners to manage your POS needs quickly in preparation for the holidays. With the busy season fast approaching, it is important to ensure that you have the necessary equipment in place to support increased sales and customer flow within your stores. Online shopping and e-commerce are tough enough to compete against as it is, do you have what it takes to ensure a positive in-store experience for your customers?