Project Overview

  • Market: Specialty Retail – Sporting Goods
  • Technology: POS/Server/Network Switch
  • Project Duration: 6 Months
  • Number of Locations: 440
  • Average 8 sites per day; 4 days per week


Customer Challenge

A large specialty retailer of sporting goods required assistance in replacing their POS software and network equipment across all of their stores. The new system would improve transaction speeds, inventory tracking, and was a major overhaul to their current system.

Worldlink Solution

Worldlink managed the full lifecycle of equipment for the entire project, including receiving servers, switches, and register hard drives in our facility, staging/kitting the equipment for each particular store, managing shipments to the stores, removing existing equipment and installing new equipment in the stores, packing old equipment for return to Worldlink, managing lease returns, and the e-waste of register hard drives. A seed stock of register hard drives was used throughout the project, allowing for less expenditure on equipment.