Project Overview

  • Market: Specialty Retailer – Shoes
  • Technology: POS/PC/Printer
  • Project Duration: 5 Months
  • Number of Locations: 126
  • Average 7 sites per night; 2 nights per week

Customer Challenge

A specialty shoe retailer was looking to replace their existing POS system with Oracle X-Store, which required a complete system overhaul. They required assistance in the entire solution, from hardware procurement to installation in the stores.

Worldlink Solution

Worldlink sourced and purchased all of the equipment for the project and managed the inventory in our facility until the project was ready to roll out. Prior to project start, each store was visited and retrofitted as needed for cabling/configuration to match new hardware needs.  Worldlink staged, configured, kitted and shipped all hardware from our facility to each store. Using just-in-time delivery, we met the equipment on site, de-installed the existing POS systems, back office PC and printer, and installed all new equipment. Existing equipment was then packed for return shipment.