Welcome to the cutting-edge of restaurant expansion—where growth is swift and the challenges are plenty, especially when it comes to restaurant IT setup services.

At Worldlink, we understand that setting up new locations is a massive undertaking. The complexities increase when you have no dedicated space to store incoming IT equipment, no staff on hand to manage the reception, and the volume of deliveries becomes overwhelming due to the sheer size and scale of operations.

This is why we introduced “Store in a Box”—a bespoke solution crafted to streamline and simplify the restaurant IT setup services process for restaurant chains on the rise. With “Store in a Box,” we ensure that all your IT hardware and supplies are expertly consolidated at our facilities, staged, integrated, and configured according to your specific requirements before being packaged and shipped to your new location. This process not only secures your investment but also significantly reduces the burden on your expansion, Construction and Operations teams.

“Store in a Box” can transform your NRO operations from a logistical nightmare into a seamless transition, enabling you to focus on what you do best—serving great food and delivering great experiences.

What is “Store in a Box”?

“Store in a Box” is an innovative service provided by Worldlink to simplify and optimize restaurant IT setup services for restaurant chains planning to open new locations. This comprehensive service covers every aspect of IT deployment, ensuring that all technological components are ready to function as soon as they arrive at their destination.

Restaurant IT setup services can be customized to specific requirements. Most organizations request what is described as ‘hardware consolidation and set up for plug and play’ to reduce assembly in the field.

With a customized “Store in a Box” program, Worldlink can provide a streamlined, efficient, and error-free way to handle restaurant IT setup services, allowing restaurant chains to open new locations faster and with fewer complications. This service not only handles the technical aspects of IT deployment but also transforms them into a strategic advantage for rapid and successful restaurant expansion.

Below is a breakdown of what the “Store in a Box” service could entail.


Worldlink can act as a procurement arm to purchase products and other associated items from pre-negotiated blanket purchase orders established in advance by our clients. By allowing Worldlink to perform this function, the client can hold one entity accountable for all aspects of the supply-chain functions that are required for a specific project or a long-term program.


At the heart of “Store in a Box” is our staging process. Before any piece of hardware reaches your new restaurant, it undergoes a thorough pre-assembly phase at our facilities. Here, every component—from computers and point-of-sale systems to routers and servers—can be assembled and set up to ensure compatibility and functionality. This preliminary assembly and testing helps in identifying and resolving any issues that might disrupt operations when the equipment is finally installed on-site.


Integration is a critical component of our service. During this phase, all hardware and software components can be physically set up and tested for seamless interaction with each other. Our IT specialists ensure that the software, including operating systems and specialized applications, is perfectly integrated with the hardware to support your restaurant’s specific needs.


Keeping track of all IT components is essential, especially when dealing with multiple suppliers and pieces of equipment. Our inventory process involves meticulous logging and management of every item that will be part of your IT setup. This inventory management ensures that nothing is misplaced or forgotten, and everything accounted for in the “Store in a Box” is ready for immediate deployment.


Configuration tailors your IT equipment to meet the unique operational requirements of each restaurant location. Whether it’s setting up specific software configurations, customizing user settings, or ensuring compliance with local IT standards, our team can handle it all before the equipment leaves our facility. This pre-configuration can save valuable time during the actual setup and helps in avoiding the typical delays associated with configuring systems on-site.


The final step in the “Store in a Box” service involves logistics—safely packing and shipping the consolidated and pre-configured IT equipment directly to the new location. Our logistics are planned to precision, ensuring that the equipment arrives safely and on time, which streamlines the final deployment process.


How It Works

Through the “Store in a Box” service, either you or Worldlink orders the equipment for delivery to our facilities. It is received and stored for the new location. When all equipment is received and we have finished programming, configuring, etc., everything is palletized for that location and delivery is coordinated. Then a tech team is sent to perform the installation and testing of the devices.

Advantages over Traditional IT Deployment

While most organizations have very talented IT teams, those teams don’t have the bandwidth or skills to support NRO in the way that it needs to be for optimal success.

This results in complications for the installers and restaurant staff as well as delays in the installation process. Without the proper dedication to NRO, the locations often end up with delays and a lack of consistency in their technology setups.  This inconsistency also makes it challenging to train new employees or to have employees float from one store to another.

Focus On Your Core Business          

‘Store in a box’ is designed to scale with your business. It allows for handling volume without sacrificing quality or efficiency.  This allows your internal teams to focus on your core business while accelerating NRO so your new locations can start operating sooner, allowing for quicker revenue generation and growth.

By reducing the manpower and time required for IT deployment, ‘Store in a Box’ also cuts down on the costs associated with these processes. While it does require bringing in a third party, the pricing is predictable and should help reduce the need for on-site technical support, making budgeting easier and more reliable.

Worldlink has been providing restaurant IT setup services to several of its clients for some time. You can read the full details behind the way Worldlink supports honeygrow in this way as it continues its growth journey (link to case study).

If you’d like to learn more about Worldlink’s ability to support your location growth, contact us now to start the discussion.