Smartphone Use


It’s no secret.

Shoppers are trying to level the playing field with retailers when they walk store aisles.

A smartphone can be a powerful asset for consumers while they shop. From searching for online coupons to price checking, they are constantly looking for online verification of what they see right in front of them in-store.

Consumers hold the power in their fingertips, and it is forcing retailers to be agile in everything from pricing to placement on store shelves and end cap displays.

A recent survey by Yes Marketing revealed that 57% of shoppers rely on their smartphones while shopping. This is interesting information.

The report, which surveyed more than 1,000 consumers, illustrates the success of brick-and-mortar retail that has integrated technology, and it also helps dispel the notion of the so-called Retail Apocalypse. Some of the insights include the following:

  • 65% of the people surveyed said they used their phones in-store to check for a coupon code.
  • 57% of the people surveyed said they used their phones to look for a coupon for the product that they were buying.
  • 46% said they were searching for items that were on sale.

Should retailers be worried?   Not necessarily, according to Jim Sturm, president of the firm behind the survey.

“Consumers will not hesitate to turn to another brand if it offers a more user-friendly experience. Retailers can bridge the mobile-to-store experience by introducing apps that support the in-store shopping with features like maps of store layouts and access to product ratings,” said Sturm, president of Yes Marketing.

Brick and Mortar locations cannot solely rely on bridging the gap to the shoppers with just smartphone activations. The survey also reported that 49% of people said that a visually appealing store would motivate them to shop.

This can be accomplished with dazzling display walls and interactive kiosks.

These last two figures prove that in-store retail isn’t dead yet.

90% of people surveyed said that they buy in-store at least once a month.

Most importantly, 60% of people said the reason they like going to stores is to see the items in person.

Technology can enhance the retail experience without replacing it, and more brands are experiencing it first-hand.

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