Every January, the National Retail Federation puts on its “Big Show.” Featuring a collection of the top experts in the space, the Big Show is going to be the largest event in the retail industry for 2019. Our team is excited to attend and will be available with updates from Manhattan for the duration of the conference.

Ahead of the event, we connected with Brett Busconi, our Vice President of Sales, to hear his thoughts on the future of retail technology. According to him, it all boils down to one attribute: Value to the consumer. He’ll be in attendance next week, along with John Fecteau – Worldlink CEO, Zach Fecteau – our Vice President of Client Services, and Jeff Thomson – one of our Account Manager.

“What we care about most in the retail eco-system we work and live in is this – What technologies provide the most value for consumers?’ said Busconi. The reason so many professionals place an emphasis on attending this annual conference is because it sheds important insights on the direction that consumers are moving.

“If we can help create an environment where the everyday consumer has an easier, better, and more rewarding interaction with a partner brand, we win together,” Busconi continued.

Worldlink is dedicated to fostering the best customer experience possible. Our team of professionals specializes in providing the most value for each of our clients’ unique situations, and part of that hinges on being able to identify what trends are fads, and which ones are here to stay.

“As the shopping landscape shifts, the focus on Consumer Experience is growing, and rightfully so. How can we assist our retail partners in making a positive impact on the lives of their guests? The best way to drive the continued viability of physical retail is to reward customers by answering these types of questions. This show represents an opportunity to learn more about trends and technologies pointed toward this goal,” said Busconi

Technology is going to continue to evolve alongside the customer experience, and our expertise needs to evolve with it. The IT world is plagued with less-than-satisfactory results. From failures in communication to poor performance, many of our clients have had bad experiences with the previous partner. Our efforts to continually stay ahead of the curb are in part, the reason why our consistent client-first focus truly sets us apart.

According to him, “The largest changes we have seen surround the methods through which shoppers gain value. Who has the items that will best serve the consumer? Who has the best availability on those items? How will preferred brands increase their outreach to individual buyers to make sure that these things are highly visible and easy to obtain? These questions create a new playing field – one that is ripe for disruption and market grabs, both of which we saw in 2018 and will increasingly see in 2019 and beyond.”

What are you looking forward to seeing at the Big Show?   We will be having a running dialogue of some of the things we like in all of our social channels. We will be engaging with people using the #NRF2019 hashtag on Twitter.   We hope we get a chance to talk.


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