As we kick off the new year, you might be considering revamping your brand’s point of sales systems. Regardless of the size and POS Systems Trends 2019scope of your organization, the search for a credible POS system that meets your needs is a challenging one, as there are many options with only a few which may be a good fit.

At Worldlink Integration Group, our team implements POS systems for retailers, supermarkets, and restaurants. If you are considering a new POS system, there are some elements you should focus on before you make the integration. As always, if you need to discuss POS deployment solutions with an expert, we encourage you to utilize our Calendly plugin at the upper right corner of this page.


We see the industry trend towards the integration with third-party hardware. As was often the case in the past, companies would have to buy specific software that was built for the hardware they had available. Nowadays, developers are acknowledging that they need to increase the breadth of their compatibility and make their systems able to integrate with a much wider array of hardware options.


It used to be that when a small business was looking to integrate with a POS system, they had to settle for high-priced brands, which were more catered to larger clients. We are now seeing a spike in providers who specialize in specific-sized companies, within certain industries. In other words, if you’re a sporting goods business, you don’t have to rely on a system that would be better suited for a restaurant chain. As more technology brands find their niche in the POS space, it will lead to more options for companies regardless of their needs and priorities.


Many companies do not have the capital to jump into a brick and mortar business right away. Instead, they rely on tools that allow them to quickly and efficiently manage their inventory via mobile methods, on a phone or tablet, for example. 2019 will be a year where many more players will enter this space. As businesses continue to adopt less bulky methods to handle their organizational needs, we can expect to see a burst of new hardware and software made specifically for the on-the-go entrepreneur.

In short, this is the year of customization. Whether your business is big or small, within one industry or many, brick and mortar or mobile; technology companies have taken notice, and are willing to compete for your loyalty. Deploying the perfect system for your organization has never yielded so many options, and it’s important to have an experienced team by your side to help implement these changes. That’s where Worldlink comes in. Our professionals are experts in deploying POS systems, with the knowledge that encompasses all aspects of these devices.


If you would like to learn more about your organization’s POS options, reach out to us here, or utilize our meeting scheduler at the top right of this page. For more information on other technology options, check out some of our other articles