Retail Technology


Many brands from grocery to restaurant to retail are zeroing in on their customer experience strategies in 2019.   As many of these CEOs see the fight over each dollar increase, they have to balance the tactics and technology of leveraging personal shopping information.

The team at Worldlink Integration Group works to implement streamlined technological solutions, understanding that while the consumer wants comps, coupons, and sometimes the feedback of the consumer community to influence their buying experience, they also want to keep their personal information at a safe distance from malicious entities.

A recent article in Multi-Channel Merchant discussed the tightrope-walking of relying on AI and machine learning of consumer habits. It underscored the very clear need to import and assess consumer data, but also acknowledged businesses needed to take each step carefully.

A key takeaway for our team and something we discuss with brands is the need for a relationship between a committed retailer and a reliable technology partner. For years, Worldlink’s IT professionals have offered solutions to businesses that have been plagued by poor communications, inconsistent vendor performance, slow responses, and questionable motives. Our people operate with efficiency and integrity to get the job done right and exceeding expectations – all while delicately balancing both the retailer and consumers needs.

Multi-Channel Merchant summarized it like this:

The bridge between the two is trust. Without it, brands and retailers are challenged in meeting consumers’ increasingly high expectations. They need to demonstrate, in the clearest of terms, how they seek to leverage data and how that delivers value back to consumers themselves. It’s an ongoing process that will set the stage for the role of data in 2019.

If you are a business looking to widen your multi-channel strategy or improve your digital in-store infrastructure in 2019, Worldlink can help. Unlike other technology companies that offer out-of-the-box system implementations, our strategy and tech teams dissect, customize, and build a plan that matches your specific digital needs.

We understand that consumer habits move quickly.   Worldlink’s team has the agility to match the behaviors and set your business up for retail success. We implement digital signage, kiosk, people-counting, wireless, network, security, energy management, and POS systems whether you need a project completed at an existing location, or you are opening up additional locations.

Let’s have a conversation and discuss your goals and needs. We’d love the opportunity to work with your chain on a system that gives you the strategic edge against your competitors. We know your time is valuable, and we’d be happy to take 15 minutes to address some of your needs. Connect with Worldlink VP of Sales, Brett Busconi using the scheduler at the top right of this page, and find the right time to talk.