Self-service is no longer limited to ATMs and gas stations. The kiosk marketplace is expanding rapidly as consumers become more and more accepting of self-service technologies. According to a recent survey, 85% of Americans and 91% of Millenials have used a self-service kiosk. Consumers gravitate towards the convenience and efficiency that self-service kiosks provide. You can now check into a hotel, order a meal, and print boarding passes for a flight – all without ever coming face-to-face with an employee. This technology can take customer relationships beyond transactions. The benefits of self-service kiosks include delivering personalized interactions that when implemented properly, improves the in-store customer experience and can result in economic prosperity for businesses.

Self-service kiosks are favorably influencing consumer behavior and changing the way people shop. Here are some of the ways this technology can help your company thrive:

self-service kiosk at terminal with man in beanie using it

Self-service kiosks reduce customer wait times

In today’s digital age, with so much instant gratification, consumers have less patience than ever before. Transaction speeds have a strong influence on customer satisfaction; Long lines and wait times pose a threat to current and potential future sales. Kiosks can expedite the ordering and checkout process. According to the NCR Corporation, retailers offering self-service options saw a 40% decrease in customer wait times. In addition to kiosks, queue management systems are an effective tool to reduce wait times and improve the shopping experience. This technology gives employees the chance to react to customer demand as quickly as possible, keeping the checkout process running smoothly and customers satisfied.

Kiosks improve employee productivity

Businesses spend a great deal of time and energy training employees to be knowledgeable and to deliver the best possible customer experience. But when your staff must handle customer payments, their time is consumed at the register instead of improving the level of service on the floor. Without the distraction of handling transactions and processing payments, your staff can focus on more important tasks, such as quality control, cleanliness, and customer interaction. Oppositely, companies can also benefit from using kiosks on the floor to handle customer service requests, focusing their employee efforts at the register to streamline checkout processes.

In addition, the many benefits of self-service kiosks include their ability to allow overall employee productivity. The meticulous tasks such as offering general information, handling checkouts, or doing any custom orders are all automated. Employees can thus better manage inventory, restock items, handle customer issues, and boost sales by engaging with shoppers.

small modern self-service kiosk used by woman

They enhance the customer experience

Self-service kiosks don’t just speed up the process; they also enhance the experience. Kiosks can provide a level of personalization and customization like never before, with options tailored specifically to the individual. They also improve order accuracy. And with less wait time and more staff available to help navigate customers throughout their buying journey, the in-store customer experience is vastly improved.

Self-service kiosks increase sales

Perhaps most interesting, this technology can lead to larger orders and increased sales. Kiosks are programmed to up-sell and cross-sell and can often do so more effectively than employees. And because they don’t require human interaction, they eliminate the potential for social judgment and human error. Customers feel more comfortable and confident requesting exactly what they want, the way they want it.

Self-service kiosks are the way of the future. They streamline processes, improve efficiency, and increase revenue – all while generating happier customers. And with minimum wage skyrocketing to record highs, employing a complete and competent staff will soon be a costly expense. Self-service kiosks help augment this expense by reducing staff while maintaining customer experience and efficiencies. If you haven’t explored the ways in which your company can take advantage of this powerful tool, now is the time.

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