Think about a world where your customers are encouraged to shop in-store vs. online. As the ecommerce sector has grown over the last decade, brick and mortar locations have needed to innovate in order to maintain their share of the market. In the past, we’ve emphasized the importance of the customer experience as a driving force for retail. Now, more than ever, it’s become evident that without an integrated technology approach to fueling sales, storeowners risk falling behind the curve. One way to add value immediately is through the use of beacons. 

Here are three ways your business could benefit:

Personalized Deals

What if we told you that the same individual who saw your ads online could be retargeted in store? With beacon technology, it’s a reality. Retailers now have the opportunity to identify members of their target audience who are exposed to advertising, and then serve them an exclusive deal or coupon the minute they appear in person and take a look at the item they saw online. Where once there may have been a potential loss of a customer, you now have the opportunity to capitalize on the awareness from your digital initiatives with a compelling call to action at the perfect moment. 

Tracking In-Store Movement

Another great capability that beacons bring to the table is their strength when it comes to people counting. With this technology, you’ll not only be able to gauge how many individuals are walking through your store in real time, but also be able to track their movements with specificity that would have been unheard of years ago. This gives retailers the ability to cater specials unique to each customer’s personal experience in their store, and also gather valuable market data around hot items that people may be looking at. The result? Higher conversion rates at checkout, and a more informed decision when it comes to stocking your shelves moving forward. 

Push Customers Towards What Matters

The problem that many large retailers have encountered lately is overwhelming visitors with so much variety that they end up leaving the store altogether. With beacons, you’ll be able to gather market data on each individual who enters your location, and suggest sections of the store that address their interests. Think about it – Someone could be looking at socks, and then your beacon suggests heading to the shoe section and provides that individual with a special deal if they buy during their visit. It’s a great way for large brands to imitate the intimacy that’s associated with small retail without having to compromise on variety and mass appeal.  

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