National Restaurant Show Exhibits

With the National Restaurant Association’s yearly conference coming up quickly, we wanted to look ahead to some of the exhibitors that will be in attendance. Here at Worldlink, we pride ourselves on the satisfaction of our clients. Part of that comes from partnering with quality Solutions Providers who can help us plan and execute each patron’s unique vision. When we attend such distinguished events like the National Restaurant Show, our team takes note of some of the most prominent players in the space and creates relationships with key stakeholders so that we can collaborate on future initiatives.

Looking ahead to next week, here are five companies we’re excited to see at the event:

Bite Inc

Bite Inc specializes in providing intelligent restaurant kiosk technology to its clients. By incorporating facial recognition and personalization into the mix, they’re able to identify different guests, learn their unique preferences, and recommend items that best suit them. The best part of their value proposition is that because they remember the guest’s face and can pull up what that guest had the last time they were in, they can dynamically adapt to each customer’s specific needs. This increases the rate of “upselling” a restaurant visitor – Putting more money into your pockets. One of the fastest growing startups entering our industry, they’ve been showcased in numerous magazines, and we’re excited to learn more about what they have to offer.


The team at Altametrics specializes in cloud-based enterprise restaurant systems. Their technology provides food, workforce, and supply chain management to some of the world’s most successful restaurant companies. Names like Denny’s, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut, to name a few. Not to be left out, they’ve also become notable players in the app-based solutions space, creating programs to streamline anything from employee scheduling to safety compliance. We’re looking forward to the opportunity to meet with them at the expo to explore the different ways we can bring additional value to our restaurant clients.


FOODLi is a Washington-based company focused on creating as smooth of a customer experience as possible when they visit a food service venue. They recognize that one of the most common issues in the restaurant vertical is the need for consistent employee performance. Many factors like sick days, flawed training programs, and hitches in scheduling can lead to a real shortage of labor for your business, which ultimately hurts your bottom line. Their kiosks, mobile and online ordering platforms reduce some of the overhead and provide a reliable first touch point for visitors.

Guardian Protection Services

Part of running a successful business is to protect your physical assets. That’s where Guardian Protection Services comes in. They work to design, install, service and monitor security systems for multi-location organizations. Often, security systems only protect a single location or don’t do enough to provide an easy to use platform to identify risks and ensure coverage for multiple storefronts. Whether it’s an intrusion, fire, or any number of other emergencies, Guardian’s services have ranked among the top 10 security companies in the United States.

Smart Bar USA

Who doesn’t like a well-made drink, right? We’re excited to see Smart Bar USA’s introduction of their new “Smartender,” a touch screen unit that is as much a robot as it is a bartender. This unique innovation can mix and pour drinks to a high degree of accuracy, ensuring that perfect cocktail every time. As if making the drinks wasn’t enough, the Smartender prints and records the tab, the number of drinks poured, and other helpful metrics to make managing your restaurant’s bar as efficient as possible.


We’re looking forward to meeting with great organizations just like the five we’ve discussed here. If you are attending the National Restaurant show, and are looking for a technology partner who can provide exceptional value for your company, we’d love to meet up at the conference. Please fill out our form, and we’ll make sure to stop by your booth! Additionally, if you’d like to read more of our thoughts on technology trends for brick and mortar locations, check out our blog here.