Channel Partners Conference

Conference season is in full swing, and our team has made a concerted effort to attend some of the top industry gatherings in the country. One such event was the Channel Partners Conference & Expo, held in Las Vegas. The #CPExpo, as it’s known on Twitter, brought together a collective of over 275 of the leading technology suppliers in our industry, and also mixed in educational sessions on topics like Business Strategy, Cloud Computing, and Marketing & Technology. Altogether, there were over 6,500 agents, MSPs, VARs, Integrators, Consultants and Suppliers there, all with the common goal of improving distribution channels and building connections with like-minded professionals.

Here’s what we saw:

Security Technology

Throughout the conference, security technology seemed to be a central theme. As Brett Busconi, our Vice President of Sales put it, “one of the things I feel we learned most about was just how exposed most companies likely are to security threats. Sure, security devices are in place. However, were they optimally configured for that specific environment? How often are they updated/checked? Do you have employees that join other networks?” There is still so much that the modern day company must keep up with to ensure that its data is safe and secure. It begs the question – When was the last time you had your own organization’s security measures checked out? With the rate that technology is moving, criminals are getting increasingly savvy. Without a trusted technology deployment partner, your company is much more vulnerable than you first thought.

Need For Professionals

This one is self-explanatory. Everyone at the conference was an expert in their specific field. If you need help with distribution, you call this person. If it’s a marketing campaign, you work with an agency. If it’s making sure your IT infrastructure is robust and can handle the workload you assign to it… You call a team like Worldlink. The fact of the matter is that as security technology continues to grow in sophistication, so must the individuals who are implementing it. Gone are the days of merely installing a new lock on the door and walking away.

For brick and mortar locations to continue to feel safe and secure, they must enlist the expertise of a professional partner who has both the experience and record of accountability to help make things happen. As Busconi also explained, “we know that as IoT continues to progress, every single device with an IP address becomes an exposure and a security risk. Now more than ever, we need to partner with companies that are experts in the industry to ensure we are asking the important questions to stay protected and secure. We also need to ask, what could the cost be of waiting? Here at Worldlink, we see the value in partnering with different vendors so our clients can continue to depend on our company for safe transactions, no matter the project complexity.”

This conference was a validation of what we’ve known for a long time – Move forward with adopting technology, or risk falling behind the curve. Is a lack of infrastructure investment now potentially going to affect you in the future? The answer is almost certainly yes. If you would like to connect with us to improve your security technology and to address some of the issues in this article, we encourage you to utilize our Calendly scheduler that is in the upper right-hand corner of this page.