NRA 2019 Conference

Possibly the most delicious conference the Worldlink team will be attending this year is the National Restaurant Association’s 100th-anniversary restaurant show. While the event features everything needed for the restaurant space, from food & beverage to equipment and supply chain resources, we’re most excited about the technology component. Our team will be in Chicago from May 18-21, so they can learn from, and network with, like-minded professionals who are experts in the tech world as it relates to the restaurant vertical.

Here’s what we’re expecting:

Experience the Newest Advancements

The extra value an event like the NRA conference provides us compared to some other exclusively tech-focused events is the niche application of technology for the restaurant industry. While many technology infrastructure initiatives can apply to a multitude of brick and mortar locations, not all of them are viable for the restaurant industry. That’s where the NRA comes in. At the conference, we’ll have the chance to see the latest cutting edge tech solutions transforming the restaurant environment, which we’re excited to bring back to our restaurant clients.

We’re looking forward to seeing the future of dining, and joining the conversation on foodservice technology as the consumer model continues to shift toward a focus on experience and connectivity.

Share Our Expertise

At Worldlink, we have great pride in the expertise our team possesses. We are true experts in the restaurant field and love to share our knowledge of technology deployment with organizations looking for solutions. A key reason for our attendance at the conference is to give stakeholders across the restaurant industry the opportunity to ask questions about partnering with Worldlink and work with Brett Busconi, our Vice President of Sales, to develop winning end-to-end solutions that take their services to the next level. Brett will be on hand throughout the event to network and provide his insights to individuals considering making a technology change.

We truly value the connections and meaningful conversations that stem from our presence at conferences like the NRA. It allows our team to keep a finger on the pulse of restaurant owners and potential technology partners – which in turn helps us identify the latest and most effective ways to provide additional value for our clients. At the end of the day, we’re here to learn from the best thought leaders around, because we work in an ever-evolving field where if you’re not moving forward, you’ll be left behind.

We can’t wait to attend the National Restaurant Association’s yearly event and would love to hear from you while you’re there. If you’d like to learn more about improving the technology infrastructure at your restaurant, we encourage you to use the Calendly scheduler in the upper right-hand corner of this page. Additionally, if you’d like to read more of our thoughts on technology trends for brick and mortar locations, check out our blog here.